Learn About Our Popular Accounts Receivable Financing Program

Have you ever considered how nice it would be if you could sell off receivable invoices that are consistently left unpaid for 90 days or longer? If so, you’ll probably be very interested in the accounts receivable financing program we offer here at Gladstone Commercial Capital. Through our program, you have the ability to get cash for selling your outstanding receivable invoices at a decreased rate. You’ll no longer have to worry about collecting on those invoices, and you’ll receive cash for them within 24 hours.

Program Benefits

In addition to almost instant cash in your bank account, here are additional benefits of our financing receivables program:

  • Increased funding when your receivables increase
  • No fixed payment requirements
  • Opportunity to sell an asset in exchange for rapid payment
  • Funding to help you continue fulfilling orders in a timely way

With this type of financing, you don’t need to worry about an arbitrary loan board sitting behind the scenes and making decisions on your behalf. Instead, you’re selling an asset you already own so you ca n get the cash you need to meet payroll, pay for operating expenses, or expand and grow your business.

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